The Scout 530 LXF Challenge: Creating a Superyacht Interior for a 53-Foot Production Boat

Scout 530 lores.jpg

We are very proud to announce that Genesis Interiors has created the interior design and is building the cabinetry and furnishings for the new Scout 530 LXF luxury center console yacht. This boat, the new flagship for Scout Boatsof Summerville, S.C., will make its World Debut at the Miami International Boat Show on February 14-18, 2018.

 Our collaboration began after Scout Boats President Steve Potts and Creative Designer Jeff Summers stopped by the Genesis Interiors booth at the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. They were looking for a European-style, high-end interior for their new 53-foot luxury yacht project and were attracted by the design and quality of our display. 

 “Because our revolutionary day yacht design onboard our 530 LXF is evident throughout the entire model, we knew it was also important to take that sophisticated design and feel below deck as well. The spacious cabin layout and its luxurious appointments needed to be Class A to match the rest of the high-end styling onboard, and Genesis Interiors was our first choice,” said Steve Potts. “Our goal was to create something special that gave customers the impression they were stepping into a private jet or even a luxury home, not just a below-deck afterthought that you find on other models.”

 In late 2017, Genesis Founder and President Roberto Lottini and Designer Alice Beldramme started to collaborate with Summers and Potts on ideas for the Scout 530 LXF. By January 2018, they had created on the final interior layout for the boat.

 “When Scout hired us to work on its new 53-foot project, it was a unique opportunity to design and manufacture a yacht interior from A to Z,” said Roberto. “At the same time, it was a challenge, as our company is used to working on designs for superyachts with larger interior spaces and for ultra-high net worth clients. We had to figure out how to shrink both the design features and budget to fit within a 53-foot yacht.”

 He added, “My background working in Italy in the 1980s with renowned Italian designers like Paolo Caliari and with semicustom shipyards like Tecnomarine and Versilcraft, along with our more recent superyacht and residential projects, enabled me to support our very talented designer Alice Beldramme in realizing this ambitious project.”

 The design meetings took place both in the Genesis office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and at the Scout Boats facility in South Carolina. The design and production details for the project were finalized in the spring, and in May 2018, Genesis started to craft the woodwork and cabinetry for the Scout’s interior.

 “For the first boat, called the prototype, Scout sent a replica of the 530 LXF’s interior structure to the Genesis facility in Fort Lauderdale so we were able to cut, adjust and mock up all the interior components inside it,” Alice said. “This helped us to make sure everything fit properly.”

 Genesis used the same methods we employ when building the interior for a megayacht. We start with an aluminum or wooden grid attached to the boat structure with rough panels screwed on top. Our workers snap the finished panels onto the rough ones using our  Fitlock system. The Fitlock system allows each interior panel to be easily moved in order to increase manufacturing accuracy and to ensure the highest quality fit and finish. Fitlock panels are easy to install, remove and replace, facilitating their inspection, maintenance, and replacement when necessary.

 Once all the interiors were pre-assembled, the Scout team came to inspect the mock-up and approved it. Then we dismantled everything, measuredevery component, and sent it to the painting area to be finished. Measuring every component in the mock-up is a very important because after those figures are uploaded to our CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) program, we can cut all the components for the next Scout 530 LXF boats to the same precise measurements, and production is much faster.

 At the beginning of September, all the interior components for the prototype were picked up and taken to the Scout facility to start the installation. Their factory workers installed the components with the help of Genesis Foreman Gianluca, who traveled to the Scout factory for few days at the beginning of the installation phase. 

 Our interior design for the Scout 530 LXF utilizes hand-crafted bleached oak cabinetry, which gives the boat’s spacious salon/galley, master and guest staterooms a fresh, contemporary ambiance. In addition to woodwork, Genesis is supplying all the interior components for the boat, including the ceiling, furniture, glass, mirrors, leather, upholstered goods, marble, backlit onyx and decorative metals. 

 “The result of this collaboration is gorgeous. We have received many compliments on the Scout 530 LXF prototype, and Scout has given us an order to deliver five sets of these interiors, and we hope, many more to come,” Roberto said. “I pay the highest respect to Scout President and Founder Steve Potts, who has given to us his full trust and support all the way through the process. This opportunity with Scout has made my dream for Genesis Interiors to produce the same high level of interiors in the United States as we did in Italy become reality.”

 “From design to implementation, our partnership with Genesis has been one that reflects both of our passions to produce the classiest, awe-inspiring impression a customer can have aboard our 53-foot flagship,” said Steve Potts.


See You at the World’s Largest In-Water Yacht Show


Genesis Interiors will be exhibiting at the upcoming Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), the biggest in-water yacht show in the world, which runs October 31 to November 4 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We invite you to stop by our Booth #656, which is located at the Yellow Zone Superyacht Pavilion at the Bahia Mar Yachting Center. We are proud to share the Superyacht Pavilion with some of the finest yacht builders and designers from around the globe.

At our booth, you’ll find Genesis Interiors’ own craftsmanship on display, including our artisan-carved backlit onyx and samples of new finishes that we have used for recent interior projects.

Lamps from Italian lighting design studio Contardi

Lamps from Italian lighting design studio Contardi

We also will have examples of the design items we use in our bespoke yacht and residential interior projects, including lamps from Contardi – a world-renowned maker of quality Italian lighting.

“At this year’s FLIBS, we look forward to once again establishing our presence as a major supplier to the U.S. yacht industry and a leader in providing custom designed, high-end interiors,” said Roberto Lottini, founder and president of Genesis Interiors. “As the show opens, we will be approaching the delivery of a 300-foot private superyacht featuring our interiors, which will be the largest yacht built to date in the U.S. We also are working with the builder of a line of smaller yachts to create superyacht-level interiors for its newest model. Stop by our booth at FLIBS to learn more about these projects, which demonstrate Genesis Interiors’ ability to offer something unique to the market by manufacturing bespoke Italian interiors for American customers at a convenient U.S. location.

Whether you’re a yacht builder, a yacht designer, a yacht owner, or someone considering the purchase of a yacht, we’re available to discuss your interior needs and to show you how we can help you achieve dreams of owning a truly custom vessel. 

Our Founder and President, Roberto Lottini


    Roberto Lottini

Our President and Founder

When it comes to luxury interiors, Roberto Lottini and his company, Genesis Interiors, comes to the minds of many. 

With over three decades experience in all phases of yacht building including an unmatched background in the manufacture and installation of luxury custom yacht and residential interiors, Roberto is known as the go-to person in both yacht and residential industries.  Roberto's many projects, from mega yacht to exclusive residences, included the management of the build and installation of hundreds of projects including the ultimate 410-foot mega yacht M/Y Maryah and the 300-foot mega yacht M/Y Voyager, the largest private yacht built in the United States to date.

Roberto began his career as a graduate from a design school in Pisa, Italy.  Just a few short years later, Roberto climbed through the ranks and became General Manager of the Italian shipyard Cantiere Viareggio, Italy.  Early in Roberto’s career, he established his company, Genesis, a full-service yacht company building mega yachts from the ground—or should we say from the sea—up.  Roberto then formed a strategic partnership with the formation of Genesis Yachtline, one of the most respected yacht interior manufacturers in the world which eventually evolved in the new brand Genesis Interiors—a company focused on the manufacture and installation of not just yachts but also high-end residential interiors in the USA.

Stay tuned for a Q&A with Roberto Lottini, and discover his passion for quality, luxury interior manufacturing for yachts and residences.

All Aboard! Pullman Beds for Superyacht Azteca (236')

image1 9.JPG

Have a small space but need functionality?  Well, a lot of times crew yacht cabins can be tight.  This crew cabin for two needed a spaces to sleep at night and spaces to work during the day along with storage.  

The yacht designer came up with the design for these pullman beds to replace the prior fixed beds that were in place previously.

With drawings from the yacht designer in hand, one of our production managers selected matching materials and varnish to ensure a perfect match to the existing furniture.  Production began soon after.  Our expert craftsmen fabricated, varnished and installed the pullman beds from start to finish--a fantastic finish by our amazing team!


Luxury Linens Meet Luxury Furniture

One of our current projects include a revolutionary idea in bedding and bedroom furnishings-- head and footboards that can be changed upon whim to mix and match with your current bed linens of choice.

We solved a linen and furniture designer's challenge of finding the right upholstered bedroom furniture to match perfectly the designer's bed linens.  

With Genesis Interior's Fitlock System (described in an earlier post), the designer has chosen to create a checkerboard pattern of fabric panels for the head and footboards of the bed to be removed, replaced, rearranged, etc.  The cleaning of furniture with upholstered panels is now effortless with the ability to remove and replace one, two, or all of the panels.


The designer couldn't have been any happier when he was introduced to our Fitlock System and our workshop's flexibility of creating exactly what is needed--a upholstered bed that can have its look changed on impulse.

We will keep you updated on the progress of these beds.  Stay tuned!

Fitlock Mounting System: For Residential, Commercial, and Yachts


When working with Genesis Interiors, you will find innovative ways to assemble your finished designs through the use of our exclusive Fitlock system.   

Fitlock Mounting System display at Genesis Interiors' showroom

Fitlock Mounting System display at Genesis Interiors' showroom

Fitlock is a pressure fixing system, both vertically and horizontally, conceived for the assembly of panels, ceilings and linings for various interior spaces and furniture. The concentric system Fitlock allows you to move the panels when put in place to achieve maximum accuracy in matching and in pairs. Fitlock is easy to place, remove and replace, so as to allow the most complicated operations of inspection, maintenance, recovery, etc.

The Fitlocks are available in varying sizes and materials and offer varying weight limitations.  Some Fitlocks can hold up to 48 pounds (or 22 kilos) each!  That's a lot of weight for such a small item.  With Fitlock's durability comes its adjustability.  Panels can easily go up, be adjusted, and be removed.  




Imagine your designs being able to be changed on a whim--different panels for different moods!


One of Genesis Interiors' current projects is a build of a 300 foot yacht--the largest yacht ever built in the US!  The interior designer chose to incorporate the Fitlock system to allow maximum adaptability for ease of maintenance, ability for the interiors to adjust ever so slightly in the high seas, and ease of any future refits.  Also, Fitlocks are available in SOLAS compliant materials.


Genesis Interiors is available to provide to you AutoCAD files of the Fitlocks to incorporate into your designs.

Call us today at 954-316-9212 to learn more about Fitlocks!



Your Designs / Our Furniture Atelier

Walking you through from your design to the finished pieces.

Hand sketches or AutoCAD drawings...

Hand sketches or AutoCAD drawings...

Even from your hand sketches, Genesis Interiors is able to realize your ideas from small-scale accent furniture pieces to full-scale interiors.

With our first meeting with you, we will go through all specifications including materials and finishes desired, scheduling, and budgets.  Bring with you your design files--be it hand sketches to detailed AutoCAD files.  

From your sketches and AutoCAD files, we will develop our required shop drawings.  In addition, we may produce for you, if requested, 3D renderings, photo realistic renderings, and design boards with actual wood samples with finishes and fabric/stone/metal samples.  (Note: We have exceptional suppliers of fabrics/upholstery and metal and stone fabricators.  We are able to arrange for you the sourcing and integration of each element into the finished projects.)

Design Board

Design Board

Once you have approved the project, the shop drawings go to our factory and production commences.  We will update you on the progress of your custom furniture and millwork during the production phase.

If you have ordered custom millwork, we suggest for the installation to be completed and/or supervised by our highly experienced craftsmen.

Inauguration of our two new state-of-the-art workshops in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Bringing together state-of-the-art technology and hand craftsmanship.

We have just moved into both of our new artisan workshops--high-tech woodworking and varnish shops!  We have brought together state-of-the-art woodworking and varnish machinery together with our talented staff of artisans.  Our artisans on staff (over 20 dedicated employees) mostly come from the Italian tradition of woodworking craftsmanship and are extraordinarily trained in both traditional and contemporary joinery methods.

"Where you find quality, you will find a craftsman..." ~ Robert Brault.

In order to meet increasing demand from interior designers and architects for our custom, luxury joinery and interiors, we added many new Italian-built machines in our woodworking shop including a five-axel CNC Router (or Computer Numerical Control Router), a 160 metric ton hot press, and a calibrating wide-belt sander.  In our paint shop, we have added a 7,000 cubic foot special, pressurized crossflow spray booth along with a motorized sanding station.

Our new CNC Router

Our new CNC Router


We would love to give you a tour our two new artisan workshops and to let you know how your designs can be created by us, Genesis Interiors. 

Call us at 954-316-9212 or e-mail us at

ICFF NY 2017: Preview


We will be at ICFF NY 2017!  In the Luxe Interiors & Design Pavillion, Booth 2249, at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York City, join us as we celebrate our debut exhibit at the ICFF NY.  From May 21-24, 2017, see actual pieces of our latest furniture manufacture and let's talk about our many offerings to the world of luxury interiors.

With our in-house craftsmen, we are able to create one-of-a-kind furniture pieces to extensive interior spaces for both residential and commercial projects.  

Keep up-to-date with our social media accounts as we post from the ICFF NY 2017. 

House Tour: Key Biscayne

We just completed an amazing project from the ground up for an active family in Key Biscayne. Starting from just a lot of land, in collaboration with the owner's architect and designer, we built the luxurious and intimate spaces for the home. One-of-a-kind features include 100% artisan handmade and hand finished joinery in contemporary forms and colors.  We are able to build almost any style of interior.  Let us work with your interior designer or let us transform your ideas into finished pieces.

Custom built shelving by Genesis Interiors are found in the powder room...

Custom built shelving by Genesis Interiors are found in the powder room...

...and the entryway.

...and the entryway.

The 1,000 square foot master suite features custom hand-crafted storage options including a full wall of secondary storage; a unique sitting area; and an opulent master bath featuring a double sunk-in whirlpool bath and custom double metal and stone sinks.