Passion, Experience, Technology.

With over a decade of experience as a luxury interior manufacturer, Genesis lnteriors is a world leader in its class.

We create an actual scale mock­up of each yacht interior that is completely pre-assembled at our facility in order to ensure a per­fect fit. Then we disassemble it, ship with care and install it aboard the vessel.

For this purpose, we have developed and patented an innovative pressure panel assembly system: the Fit-Lock system.
This system is versatile, efficient and precise, facilitating yacht interior inspections and maintenance.


Recently completed: 106-meter superyacht DREAM started out as a passenger vessel and following an extensive refit is now the 38th largest superyacht in the world.

With a new interior designed by Ciarmoli Queda Studio (CQS) and crafted by the artisans at Genesis, DREAM has been transformed into a 23-stateroom vessel of impeccable quality.


First of a series of boat, Scout 530 LXF is a revolutionary concept in the center console boats world. The advanced technology and fine interiors are marking a turn point in the boat industry.

Genesis is proud to be part of this project supplying all the interior wood working and custom made furniture and delivering a super yacht quality interior that is completely new for this size boats.


An Encore!

After the success of the Imagine 160’, Trinity partnered again with Genesis and designer Sylvie Charest on a larger new yacht project.

The Imagine 190’ has a more contemporary design with trend-setting veneer, soft colors and high gloss finish. A challenge transformed into another success.


Genesis’s first collaboration with Trinity Yachts (New Orleans, LA) and Canadian designer Sylvie Charest.

The result speaks for itself. The epitome of class and elegance, the interiors of Imagine 160’ are among the most beautiful that Genesis has ever delivered.

Highest quality, customer satisfaction and on-time delivery are, once again, the main hallmarks of Genesis.


Welcome to Genesis 153 and to a innovative and enlightened concept in yacht design.

This fine vessel, which offers some of the most spacious accommodations available in a boat of her size, comes fully equipped to be used by a person on wheel chair.

Other than being truly user friendly, this yacht has a unique taste thanks to the stunning interior design and the choice of Ralph Lauren furnishings and textiles.


An icebreaker-turned-expedition-yacht with a bright-red hull, Giant has a garage for a four-by-four as well as a plethora of other toys, including two 40-foot sportfishermen, a handful of PWCs and RIBs, windsurfers, waterskiing and snorkeling equipment, a kayak, and even mountain bikes.

The master stateroom has its own lounge with a bar and there are accommodations for up to 28 guests that can enjoy, among the others, media room, gym, sauna and jetted bath.




List of Projects

  • M/Y Genesis 153' Hull # 246.5mLuiz De BastoITALY2003
  • M/Y Genesis 153' Hull # 146.5mLuiz De BastoITALY2002
  • M/Y Barracuda Italmarine 112'34.15mArrabito/Evan K MarshallITALY1994
  • M/Y Destiny Yachts 98'29.8mArrabito/Evan K MarshallUSA1997
  • M/Y Genesis 72'21.5mGenesisITALY1996
  • M/Y 462' (Confidential project)loose furniture141mPierre Jean StudioABU DHABI2014
  • M/Y Maryah 410' 125mJonny HorsfieldGREECE2014
  • M/Y Dream 348' 106mCQSGREECE2018
  • M/Y 300' (Confidential Project)90mGenesisUSA2016
  • M/Y Imagine (Trinity Yachts T062 190')59mSylvie CharestUSA2016
  • M/Y Insigna (ex Hanse)55mLuiz De BastoGREECE2005
  • M/Y Imagine (Trinity Yachts T053 160’)50mSylvie CharestUSA2010
  • M/Y Genesis 153’46.5mLuiz De BastoITALY2002
  • M/Y Tuscan Sun 150' (Izar)45mLuiz De BastoSPAIN2006
  • M/Y Adler41.5mLuiz de BastoUSA2005
  • M/Y Broward 125’/ hull #338mShipyardUSA2008
  • M/Y Broward 120’/ hull #136mEvan K MarshallUSA2006
  • M/Y Broward 120’/ hull #236mEvan K MarshallUSA2007
  • M/Y Serque (Broward 122’)38mPavilk DesignUSA2008
  • M/Y 3701 (Couach Yachts)37mShipyardFRANCE2007
  • M/Y 35M011 (Princess Yachts)35mFrançois ZurettiUK2015
  • M/Y Destiny 94’28.5mEvan MarshallUSA1998
  • Series of M/Y 530LXF (Scout 53')16mGenesisUSA2018
  • M/Y Scaramouche 48'14.5mGenesisUSA2018
  • M/Y Giant I (245’) Refit/Interior74.5mShipyardITALY2004
  • M/Y Azteca (CRN 236’) Refit/Interior72mGenesisITALY2016
  • M/Y Utopia IV (Rossi Navi 207’) 63mTeam For DesignUSA2019
  • M/Y Samaya (Feadship 144’) outdoor sofas70mPaola LentiUSA2018
  • M/Y Swan (Benetti 200')60mStefano NatucciUSA2016
  • M/Y Sanam (Palmer Johnson)52mNuvolari & LenardUSA2016
  • M/Y Highlander (Feadship 164’)50mJoanne De GuardiolaITALY2016
  • M/Y Achiever (Oceanco 168’)50mA GroupITALY1994
  • M/Y Omaha (Heesen Yachts 161’)49mShipyardUSA2019
  • M/Y Mustang Sally (Trinity Yachts 161’)49mShipyardUSA2016
  • M/Y White Star (Trinity Yachts 155’)47mShipyardITALY2007
  • M/Y Focus (154’)46.5mGeorge PaturzoUSA2018
  • M/Y Alegria (Benetti 154’)46mRoost CreativeUSA2019
  • M/Y Pick Up (San Lorenzo 154’)46mShipyardUSA2019
  • M/Y Terancar Nadine (154’)46mShipyardITALY1994
  • M/Y Audacia (Feadship-Ex Confidante)46mJoanne De GuardiolaITALY2008
  • M/Y Havre de Grace (150’)45mGenesisITALY1992
  • M/Y All Seven (CRN 150’)45mShipyardITALY1998
  • M/Y Lady Joy (Hassen 150’)45mClaudette BonvilleUSA2004
  • M/Y MAG III (145’)44.2mGenesisUSA2014
  • M/Y MIM (Burges Boat 144’)43.9mOwnerUSA2018
  • M/Y Mr.D (Benetti 140')43mShipyardUSA2018
  • M/Y King Baby (IAG Yachts)43mEvan K MarshallUSA2016
  • M/Y Namaste (Mangusta 134’)41mShipyardUSA2019
  • M/Y Chiqui (Sunseeker 131’)40mShipyardMONACO2016
  • M/Y Sea Angel (134’)40mShipyardGREECE1997
  • M/Y Daniella (Lloyd Australia 120’)38mGenesisITALY2000
  • M/Y Sweet Emocean (Azimut 116’)36mRoost CreativeUSA2019
  • M/Y Randa G. (Tecnomarine 116’)36mLuigi SturchioITALY1996
  • M/Y Victoria Won II (Norship 116’)36mPaola SmithUSA1994
  • M/Y Intrigue (V/N Esterel 116’)36mPaola SmithUSA1997
  • M/Y Impulsive (Norship 116’)36mPaola SmithUSA2008
  • M/Y Mr Loui (Benetti 115’)35mShipyardUSA2019
  • M/Y Paradigm (Benetti Classic 115’)35mGenesisUSA2007
  • M/Y Bux (Admiral C/N Lavagna 100’)34mGenesisITALY1990
  • M/Y Rora D. (Heesen 108’)32mGenesisITALY1992
  • M/Y Essence (San Lorenzo 104’)32mEdwin BerriosITALY2016
  • M/Y Lady Carmen (Hatteras)31mShipyardUSA2016
  • M/Y My Way (Admiral C/N Lavagna 100’)30mShipyardGREECE1996
  • M/Y Max II (CRN 114’)28mGenesisITALY1993
  • M/Y Al Johara (Azimut 90’)27mGenesisITALY1994
  • M/Y Chance II (Cantieri di Pisa 90’)27mGenesisITALY1994
  • M/Y Sei Prima (Versilcraft 90’)27mGenesisITALY1994
  • M/Y Club M (Ferretti 83’)26mShipyardUSA2018
  • M/Y Branda B. (Versilcraft 80’)24mGenesisGREECE1992
  • M/Y Max I (CRN 80’)24mGenesisITALY1993
  • M/Y Ten Ten (Baglietto 80’-Ex Magic Dream)24mAldo CiccheroITALY1994
  • M/Y Swift (Falcon 80’)24mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y Pure Thrill ( Falcon 80’)24mShipyardGREECE1996
  • M/Y Water Toy (Falcon 80’)24mShipyardGREECE1997
  • M/Y Be Happy (Falcon 80’)24mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y Diana C. (Falcon 76’)22.5mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y Glamour (Falcon 76’)22.5mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y All Paloma (Falcon 76’)22.5mShipyardGREECE1998
  • M/Y Imagine (Hatteras 75’)22mShipyardUSA2019
  • M/Y Sir (C/N Canados 70’)21mShipyardGREECE1996
  • M/Y Lady Susan (Hatteras 70’)21mClaudette BonvilleUSA1998
  • M/Y Jana (Magnum 70’) Refit/Interior21mLuiz De BastoITALY2004
  • M/Y Valia (Azimut 66’)20mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y Lucifer (C/N Posillipo 70’)20mShipyardGREECE1996
  • M/Y The Gator (Outer Reef 63’)19mShipyardUSA2013
  • S/Y Zero (Beneteau)16mFederico Del RossoUSA2012
  • M/Y Dont Worry (C/N Posillipo 50’)15mShipyardGREECE1995