Genesis is expanding its Fort Lauderdale facility!

Preview of the new Genesis Interiors facility façade

Preview of the new Genesis Interiors facility façade

Genesis Interiors is delighted to announce that we are expanding our Fort Lauderdalemanufacturing headquarters. We have just acquired the facility next door to our existing locationoff of Marina Mile. Adding the new facility will increase our working space by more than 5,000 sq.ft., bringing it to a total of 18,800 sq.ft. 

“This new expansion will enable Genesis Interiors to better serve our clients in the U.S. by increasing our design and manufacturing capabilities and decreasing build times,” said Genesis Founder Roberto Lottini. 

 Currently, Genesis employs a staff of 30 people at our Fort Lauderdale facilities. This expansion will allow our Italian artisans to hand-craft more projects in the yachting and residential sectors simultaneously. This includes building custom-made cabinetry (both built-ins and loose furniture), wood floors, upholstered panels, wooden staircases, etc., as well as handling repairs, maintenance, modifications and refits on existing interiors.

We plan to add a second conference room, so our team can meet with more than one client at a time. Our technical office will have more space to work with clients and designers on producing shop drawings and, if requested, renderings, so everyone will have a clear idea of how the finished project will look. In addition, we will have more storage space for our vast array of samples, including a library of woods and other materials (Italian marble, leather, wallpaper, vinyl, tiles, etc.) that we show to our clients.

One of Genesis Interiors’ core capabilities is to manage all the aspects of the interior projects we undertake from design to installation. This includes all the upholstery, stonework, decorative metal, glass, lighting, floorcoverings, etc.

The additional space will let us create more full-scale mockups of the interiors we build, just as we did with the new Scout 530 LXF, which helps us to enhance their efficiency. It also will give us the room to supplement our already impressive manufacturing equipment, which currently includes a five-axis CnC machine, hot press where we make our own veneered panels, finishing booth where we create all the kind of finishes including high-gloss, separate booth for primer, and two sending stations.

Thanks to our new expansion, Genesis Interiors is ready to serve both the yachting and luxury residential markets with our unique brand of Italian craftsmanship and high-tech precision.

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