The Scout 530 LXF Challenge: Creating a Superyacht Interior for a 53-Foot Production Boat

Scout 530 lores.jpg

We are very proud to announce that Genesis Interiors has created the interior design and is building the cabinetry and furnishings for the new Scout 530 LXF luxury center console yacht. This boat, the new flagship for Scout Boats of Summerville, S.C., will make its World Debut at the Miami International Boat Show on February 14-18, 2019.

 Our collaboration began after Scout Boats President Steve Potts and Creative Designer Jeff Summers stopped by the Genesis Interiors booth at the 2017 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. They were looking for a European-style, high-end interior for their new 53-foot luxury yacht project and were attracted by the design and quality of our display. 

 “Because our revolutionary day yacht design onboard our 530 LXF is evident throughout the entire model, we knew it was also important to take that sophisticated design and feel below deck as well. The spacious cabin layout and its luxurious appointments needed to be Class A to match the rest of the high-end styling onboard, and Genesis Interiors was our first choice,” said Steve Potts. “Our goal was to create something special that gave customers the impression they were stepping into a private jet or even a luxury home, not just a below-deck afterthought that you find on other models.”

 In late 2017, Genesis Founder and President Roberto Lottini and Designer Alice Beldramme started to collaborate with Summers and Potts on ideas for the Scout 530 LXF. By January 2018, they had created on the final interior layout for the boat.

 “When Scout hired us to work on its new 53-foot project, it was a unique opportunity to design and manufacture a yacht interior from A to Z,” said Roberto. “At the same time, it was a challenge, as our company is used to working on designs for superyachts with larger interior spaces and for ultra-high net worth clients. We had to figure out how to shrink both the design features and budget to fit within a 53-foot yacht.”

 He added, “My background working in Italy in the 1980s with renowned Italian designers like Paolo Caliari and with semicustom shipyards like Tecnomarine and Versilcraft, along with our more recent superyacht and residential projects, enabled me to support our very talented designer Alice Beldramme in realizing this ambitious project.”

 The design meetings took place both in the Genesis office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and at the Scout Boats facility in South Carolina. The design and production details for the project were finalized in the spring, and in May 2018, Genesis started to craft the woodwork and cabinetry for the Scout’s interior.

 “For the first boat, called the prototype, Scout sent a replica of the 530 LXF’s interior structure to the Genesis facility in Fort Lauderdale so we were able to cut, adjust and mock up all the interior components inside it,” Alice said. “This helped us to make sure everything fit properly.”

 Genesis used the same methods we employ when building the interior for a megayacht. We start with an aluminum or wooden grid attached to the boat structure with rough panels screwed on top. Our workers snap the finished panels onto the rough ones using our  Fitlock system. The Fitlock system allows each interior panel to be easily moved in order to increase manufacturing accuracy and to ensure the highest quality fit and finish. Fitlock panels are easy to install, remove and replace, facilitating their inspection, maintenance, and replacement when necessary.

 Once all the interiors were pre-assembled, the Scout team came to inspect the mock-up and approved it. Then we dismantled everything, measuredevery component, and sent it to the painting area to be finished. Measuring every component in the mock-up is a very important because after those figures are uploaded to our CAM (Computer Assisted Manufacturing) program, we can cut all the components for the next Scout 530 LXF boats to the same precise measurements, and production is much faster.

 At the beginning of September, all the interior components for the prototype were picked up and taken to the Scout facility to start the installation. Their factory workers installed the components with the help of Genesis Foreman Gianluca, who traveled to the Scout factory for few days at the beginning of the installation phase. 

 Our interior design for the Scout 530 LXF utilizes hand-crafted bleached oak cabinetry, which gives the boat’s spacious salon/galley, master and guest staterooms a fresh, contemporary ambiance. In addition to woodwork, Genesis is supplying all the interior components for the boat, including the ceiling, furniture, glass, mirrors, leather, upholstered goods, marble, backlit onyx and decorative metals. 

 “The result of this collaboration is gorgeous. We have received many compliments on the Scout 530 LXF prototype, and Scout has given us an order to deliver five sets of these interiors, and we hope, many more to come,” Roberto said. “I pay the highest respect to Scout President and Founder Steve Potts, who has given to us his full trust and support all the way through the process. This opportunity with Scout has made my dream for Genesis Interiors to produce the same high level of interiors in the United States as we did in Italy become reality.”

 “From design to implementation, our partnership with Genesis has been one that reflects both of our passions to produce the classiest, awe-inspiring impression a customer can have aboard our 53-foot flagship,” said Steve Potts.