Fitlock Mounting System: For Residential, Commercial, and Yachts


When working with Genesis Interiors, you will find innovative ways to assemble your finished designs through the use of our exclusive Fitlock system.   

Fitlock Mounting System display at Genesis Interiors' showroom

Fitlock Mounting System display at Genesis Interiors' showroom

Fitlock is a pressure fixing system, both vertically and horizontally, conceived for the assembly of panels, ceilings and linings for various interior spaces and furniture. The concentric system Fitlock allows you to move the panels when put in place to achieve maximum accuracy in matching and in pairs. Fitlock is easy to place, remove and replace, so as to allow the most complicated operations of inspection, maintenance, recovery, etc.

The Fitlocks are available in varying sizes and materials and offer varying weight limitations.  Some Fitlocks can hold up to 48 pounds (or 22 kilos) each!  That's a lot of weight for such a small item.  With Fitlock's durability comes its adjustability.  Panels can easily go up, be adjusted, and be removed.  




Imagine your designs being able to be changed on a whim--different panels for different moods!


One of Genesis Interiors' current projects is a build of a 300 foot yacht--the largest yacht ever built in the US!  The interior designer chose to incorporate the Fitlock system to allow maximum adaptability for ease of maintenance, ability for the interiors to adjust ever so slightly in the high seas, and ease of any future refits.  Also, Fitlocks are available in SOLAS compliant materials.


Genesis Interiors is available to provide to you AutoCAD files of the Fitlocks to incorporate into your designs.

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