Hello World! Bridging the gap between luxury megayacht interiors and luxury residential interiors.

It has been many years that we have been building the most prestigious megayacht interiors through our company Genesis Yachtline.  Our happy customers come from a long list of jet-setters, noblemen, noblewomen, and business tycoons.  Some allow us to show off our work to the world, but for some, with full veneration of our valued customers, we must keep some our work top-secret.

After hearing a multitude of requests from our cherished customers to work with their designers and build them the same amazing interiors for their land-based residences as their yachts, we finally jumped ship (so to speak) and started Genesis Interiors. (Note: We are really still on board building amazing super yacht interiors through our company Genesis Yachtline.)

We have interior factories in both Italy and the US.  We are currently undergoing an expansion in the US to better serve our residential customers.  You may bring your own designer or come up with your own design.  Once the design is complete, our factory kicks into gear.  Our factory possesses the latest woodworking technologies along with the talents our amazing carpenters and varnishers.  Our installers finish the interiors with ease and extreme care--just like on a megayacht.