Passion, Experience, Technology.

With over a decade of experience as a luxury interior manufacturer, Genesis lnteriors is a world leader in its class.

We create an actual scale mock­up of each yacht interior that is completely pre-assembled at our facility in order to ensure a per­fect fit. Then we disassemble it, ship with care and install it aboard the vessel.

For this purpose, we have developed and patented an innovative pressure panel assembly system: the Fit-Lock system.
This system is versatile, efficient and precise, facilitating yacht interior inspections and maintenance.



List of Projects

  • M/Y Genesis 153' Hull # 246.5mLuiz De BastoITALY2003
  • M/Y Genesis 153' Hull # 146.5mLuiz De BastoITALY2002
  • M/Y Barracuda Italmarine 112'34.15mArrabito/Evan K MarshallITALY1996
  • M/Y Destiny Yachts 98'29.8mArrabito/Evan K MarshallITALY1997
  • M/Y Genesis 72'21.5mGenesisITALY1997
  • M/Y 462' (Confidential project) custom loose furniture141mPierre Jean StudioABU DHABI2014
  • M/Y 400' (Confidential Project)120mJonny HorsfieldGREECE2014
  • M/Y 348' (Confidential Project)106mCQSGREECE2015
  • M/Y 300' (Confidential Project)90mGenesisUSA2016
  • M/Y Imagine (Trinity Yachts T062 190')59mSylvie CharestUSA2016
  • M/Y Insigna (ex Hanse)55mLuiz De BastoITALY2005
  • M/Y Imagine (Trinity Yachts T053 160’)50mSylvie CharestUSA2010
  • M/Y Genesis 153’46.5mLuiz De BastoITALY2002
  • M/Y Tuscan Sun 150' (Izar)45mLuiz De BastoITALY2006
  • M/Y Adler41.5mLuiz de BastoUSA2005
  • M/Y Broward 125’/ hull #338mShipyardUSA2008
  • M/Y Broward 120’/ hull #136mEvan K MarshallUSA2006
  • M/Y Broward 120’/ hull #236mEvan K MarshallUSA2007
  • M/Y Serque (Broward 122’)38mPavilk DesignUSA2008
  • M/Y 3701 (Couach Yachts)37mShipyardFRANCE2007
  • M/Y 35M011 (Princess Yachts)35mFrançois ZurettiUK2015
  • M/Y Destiny 94’28.5mEvan MarshallUSA1998
  • M/Y Giant I (245’) Refit/Interior74.5mShipyardITALY2004
  • M/Y Azteca (CRN 236’) Refit/Interior72mGenesisITALY2016
  • M/Y Swan (Benetti)60mStefano NatucciUSA2016
  • M/Y Sanam (Palmer Johnson)52mNuvolari & LenardUSA2016
  • M/Y Highlander (Feadship 164’)50mJoanne De GuardiolaITALY2016
  • M/Y Achiever (Oceano 168’)50mA GroupITALY1994
  • M/Y Mustang Sally (Trinity Yachts 161’)49mShipyardITALY2016
  • M/Y White Star (Trinity Yachts 155’)47mShipyardITALY2007
  • M/Y Terancar Nadine (154’)46mShipyardITALY1994
  • M/Y Audacia (Feadship-Ex Confidante)46mJoanne De GuardiolaITALY2008
  • M/Y Havre de Grace (150’)45mGenesisITALY1992
  • M/Y All Seven (CRN 150’)45mShipyardITALY1998
  • M/Y Lady Joy (Hassen 150’)45mClaudette BonvilleUSA2004
  • M/Y MAG III (145’)44.2mGenesisUSA2014
  • M/Y King Baby (IAG Yachts)43mEvan K MarshallUSA2016
  • M/Y Chiqui (Sunseeker 131’)40mShipyardMONACO2016
  • M/Y Sea Angel (134’)40mShipyardGREECE1997
  • M/Y Daniella (Lloyd Australia 120’)38mGenesisITALY2000
  • M/Y Randa G. (Tecnomarine 116’)36mLuigi SturchioITALY1992
  • M/Y Victoria Won II (Norship 116’)36mPaola SmithUSA1994
  • M/Y Intrigue (V/N Esterel 120’)36mPaola SmithUSA1997
  • M/Y Impulsive (Norship 116’)36mPaola SmithUSA2008
  • M/Y Paradigm (Benetti Classic 115’)35mGenesisUSA2007
  • M/Y Bux (Admiral C/N Lavagna 100’)34mGenesisITALY1990
  • M/Y Rora D. (Heesen 108’)32mGenesisITALY1992
  • M/Y Essence (San Lorenzo 104’)32mEdwin BerriosITALY2016
  • M/Y Lady Carmen (Hatteras)31mShipyardUSA2016
  • M/Y My Way (Admiral C/N Lavagna 100’)30mShipyardGREECE1996
  • M/Y Max II (CRN 114’)28mGenesisITALY1993
  • M/Y Al Johara (Azimut 90’)27mGenesisITALY1994
  • M/Y Chance II (Cantieri di Pisa 90’)27mGenesisITALY1994
  • M/Y Sei Prima (Versilcraft 90’)27mGenesisITALY1994
  • M/Y Branda B. (Versilcraft 80’)24mGenesisGREECE1992
  • M/Y Max I (CRN 80’)24mGenesisITALY1993
  • M/Y Magic Dream (Baglietto 80’)24mAldo CiccheroITALY1994
  • M/Y Swift (Falcon 80’)24mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y Pure Thrill ( Falcon 80’)24mShipyardGREECE1996
  • M/Y Water Toy (Falcon 80’)24mShipyardGREECE1997
  • M/Y Be Happy (Falcon 80’)24mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y Diana C. (Falcon 76’)22.5mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y Glamour (Falcon 76’)22.5mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y All Paloma (Falcon 76’)22.5mShipyardGREECE1998
  • M/Y Sir (C/N Canados 70’)21mShipyardGREECE1996
  • M/Y Lady Susan (Hatteras 70’)21mClaudette BonvilleUSA1998
  • M/Y Jana (Magnum 70’) Refit/Interior21mLuiz De BastoITALY2004
  • M/Y Valia (Azimut 66’)20mShipyardGREECE1995
  • M/Y Lucifer (C/N Posillipo 70’)20mShipyardGREECE1996
  • M/Y The Gator (Outer Reef 63’)19mShipyardUSA2013
  • S/Y Zero (Beneteau)16mFederico Del RossoUSA2012
  • M/Y Dont Worry (C/N Posillipo 50’)15mShipyardGREECE1995